Monday, January 31, 2011

Internet unavailability in Cairo Egypt raised problems for Microsoft

As a result of national objection against the Government in Egypt the Internet Connectivity is unavailable. Where the general public is affected by this, there are some serious issues with IT companies working in Cairo’s Smart Village. Numbers of jobs were created by this IT industry in Egypt but now seems a disappointed future.
Microsoft is one of the pretentious IT Company and planning to move to some other place due to present unrest in Cairo. More or less all call centers are down / closed due to non-availability of internet. Concerned IT companies are appealing Egyptian Government to take some necessary measures and restore the internet facility. Let’s hope the best possible decision from Egyptian Government in this regard.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on SNL Show

Facebook has become famous for all age groups but this is the fact that most of the people do not know about the creator of facebook, this is Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of facebook, who earned beyond our imaginations. He made a guest appearance on SNL show, which was initially not expected but in the end he attended the show.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Verizon iPhone can or cannot be Jailbroken by Limera1n

It might be in your knowledge that iPhone 4 runs current bootroom and it can easily be jailbreaked by using limera1n.
To rescue iPhone from jailbreak, Verizon iPhone needs to change its bootroom but in that case Shatter exploit may be use to jailbreak.
This leads that by using both ways, either Verizon iPhone uses current bootroom or changes its bootroom, may easily be jailbroken.
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Alternative of paypal In India

Paypal is almost vanished from India, it is pertinent to mention that paypal users shall not be able to receive payments more than of $500 per transaction from March1, further, you cannot remain money in paypal account for more than 7 days and after 7 days the amount shall be transmit to your bank account.
By keeping all these in view, it is good for Indian paypal users to move on some other option alternative to accept and receive payments. For them, Alertpay would be the best of option.
What is Alertpay
It is a similar payment processor like patpal and supports processes like Wire Transfer, cheque etc.
Following are two types of Alertpay Account:
·         Credit card payments
·         Working in more than 190+ countries
·         Always protect your person information
·         Providing secure payment solution
·         Facility to manage multiple business account under one Alertpay account
So what are you waiting for Signup for Alertpay and start sending and receiving payments in India.

It is now possible to use every feature u want to use on your iPhoen using Jailbreak. For more information click iPhone Jailbreak


iPhone 3G Jailbreak

iPhone is still an revolutionary product and changing the life style of general public, but has some drawbacks, these are the limitations that limits the user no to do such things which user really want to do with his / her iPhone. Most of the people are not happy with this and they have managed themselves to live beyond this. To achieve this they manage to jailbreak their iPhone.
iPhone Jailbreak facilitates user to do which they cannot do without jailbreak.  Jailbreak is a specific code completely changes the structure of iPhone and aloows you to run any type of software. It is very simple to jailbreak once iPhone even for a layman, as there are number of software and iPhoneInstaller are available developed by hackers from different regions to let the users to enjoy with to jailbreak their iPhones and enjoys the glories.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt Internet is still down in whole country

According to Associated Press (AP), New York, Protest is still underway in Egypt against Government, in order to stop the outrage Government have taken various steps, now they disconnect the Egypt internet facility for general public to avoid any further damage.
Besides, strict security measures especially Egypt internet dis-connectivity won’t able to stop people burst against Government. Let’s hope the issue shall be resolved soon positively.


ClearCube with Blade Server

Clearcube delivers centralized computing solution that integrates blades, access devices and client management software to five organizations full control over end user computing.
ClearCube condenses the PC into a “blade” form factor and centralizes it in a secure location.

2- A small user port connects the monitor, keyboard, mouse and USB peripherals to the blade across a wired or wireless network. Users can also access their blades through a verity of industry standards access devices (e.g., tables, PDAs) via a web browser.

3- IT administrator remotely control the entire system from anywhere in the world using simple but powerful ClearCube management software.

ClearCube dramatically improves the EASE. EFFICIENCY. And COST EFFECTIVENESS of managing end user and business computing assets.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Download Apple iTunes 10.1.2

iPhone phenomena is still prevailing among phone lovers and now Apple has just released iTunes new version called iTunes 10.1.2. It seems that Apple enhanced the functionalities and performance as compare to their previous version iTunes 10.1.

Download iTunes 10.1.2 here.