Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alternative of paypal In India

Paypal is almost vanished from India, it is pertinent to mention that paypal users shall not be able to receive payments more than of $500 per transaction from March1, further, you cannot remain money in paypal account for more than 7 days and after 7 days the amount shall be transmit to your bank account.
By keeping all these in view, it is good for Indian paypal users to move on some other option alternative to accept and receive payments. For them, Alertpay would be the best of option.
What is Alertpay
It is a similar payment processor like patpal and supports processes like Wire Transfer, cheque etc.
Following are two types of Alertpay Account:
·         Credit card payments
·         Working in more than 190+ countries
·         Always protect your person information
·         Providing secure payment solution
·         Facility to manage multiple business account under one Alertpay account
So what are you waiting for Signup for Alertpay and start sending and receiving payments in India.

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